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Sansa E200V2 Bootloader is broken in master

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I applied some trimming and enabled multiboot/boot redirect:

And I still need 6 kilobytes:
Packed data (126895 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (120860 bytes)

Here is size comparison with bootloader from 2011.11.08_6223ad26:

What else can be trimmed?

With HAVE_USBSTACK and HAVE_BOOTLOADER_USB_MODE disabled it fits. But is it really safe?

USB in the bootloader is helpful if you don't have a .rockbox binary or otherwise cannot boot, so disabling it isn't a good idea. 

Ok I've been able to make a build that fits (only --thumb build). Can someone please review my changes to make sure they are safe (at least in theory):

Max allowed size: 120860
Thumb build: 120256 (fits!)
No thumb: 121842

alpha blending capabilities for bitmaps;
Non default locales (only utf-8 and latin left);
Arm stack unwinder (needed for backtrace);

Boot redirect (to allow loading from SD card)

Flashed it and rockbox doesn't boot (black screen with no indications). Luckily dual boot still works.. Will investigate if it's me or some changes in master...


--- Quote from: bahus on February 19, 2024, 01:34:01 PM ---Flashed it and rockbox doesn't boot (black screen with no indications).

--- End quote ---

It's not me. The same changes applied to 4 years old commit work! Sd card boot also works!


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