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Sansa E200V2 Bootloader is broken in master

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Would you consider doing a 'git bisect' on this to narrow down when it breaks?  4 years is a looong time.

(Also, did you use the same toolchains for the new vs old builds?)


--- Quote from: speachy on February 19, 2024, 06:58:55 PM ---Would you consider doing a 'git bisect'

--- End quote ---

Yes. Offending commit:

--- Quote ---commit 3301c5aa6db76832dbb9af8f72d29b348190fd91
Author: Aidan MacDonald <>
Date:   Sat Oct 15 23:14:27 2022 +0100

    Remove buflib allocation names, part one
    Remove the name handling code, but leave the allocation structure
    otherwise untouched; it's as if all callers provided a NULL name.
    The public API still accepts names but names are no longer stored
    or returned.
    Change-Id: I6c4defcdfd255774f02030949a0fd731477e6a54
--- End quote ---

Full logs here:

All builds were made with the same latest toolchains. My guess would be that e200V2 is not the only bootloader that's broken by it.

Ah the long tail..

IM way AFK ATM but i can confirm the bootloaders for clip plus and the zip are not affected

I already did a lot to get the clip plus bootloader to fit and some of that can probably be applicable to the e200 can have a look in about a week


--- Quote from: Bilgus on February 20, 2024, 01:15:56 PM ---IM way AFK ATM but i can confirm the bootloaders for clip plus and the zip are not affected

--- End quote ---

Just to confirm. Are you saying that bootloader for Sansa Clip+/Zip  built from master still boots Rockbox just fine? As my initial rant was about size.  But I've been able to fit it and it doesn't boot after 3301c5aa (black screen, RB doesn't boot).

IM saying that buflib commit hasn't affected the others mentioned

And i went thru those bootloaders previously to make them fit and left some wiggle room

Some of those things might work on the e200 to buy you some space


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