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H2 HifiWalker Error rockbox bootloader not found


Hi. I have had rockbox fully functioning since i bought the H2 and now today all of a sudden i got that error. I have uninstalled the bootloader done all that but still it wont work. Im in the process of backing upp all the music and then doing a format on the sd card. It says bootloader uninstalled and then when it says no bootloader is found in rockbox utility i still have the bootloader, i mean when i start the player i get to the rockbox recovery menu, so i guess the bootloader is still installed?

I removed the rockbox recovery menu, and reinstalled it. But i still get error after i put .rockbox in the sdcard. I even changed Sd card, makes no difference, the sd card is fat32. I mean it worked perfectly for months since i bought it, and now it does not work i did nothing, its out of nowhere.

EDIT: I managed to get it fixed


Hello, I have an H2 v1.5, I want to install rockbox, but the documentation is confusing, also the rockbox utility gives me an error with the network connection, can you tell me how you installed it?


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