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Slight update for AAPod theme for iPod Video, not the nano version


This is a nice looking theme.

I made a couple tweaks.

I made the battery.bmp more ‘granular’ with steps of 10% (like the Volume), and an edited display line in the AAPod.wps.

Is it legit for me to post it as a ‘new’ theme?

I’d like to share this somehow.

Thanks in advance!
PS: I have a LOT of respect for theme creators. Tweaking things in the wps scripting really takes practice ;D
PPS: will try to adapt the original nano version when I have some free time.

Ok, editing the nano version was quick.
So I have the nano and iPod video (and compatible) versions working.

Soon as I have the time to upload them via themes site, I will do so.


Uploading a modified theme is entirely okay, just make sure to properly credit the original theme and creator :)

Thanks! Will do!

Appreciate the reply.


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