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Forensic MP3 software

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--- Quote from: roomaustin on January 17, 2024, 05:48:16 PM ---Is there any way to retrieve old audio recordings that were once deleted on the device? Also what are the acronyms you are using? Do you know of any software?

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There are general techniques for recovering deleted files from storage devices and flash memory.  I'm not familiar with them but I'm sure you can read about them elsewhere on the internet. 

OF stands for Original Firmware (see rest of Bilgus's post). 

Here's the link to the files on my google drive that look out of standard, however, I don't know if any of them are malicious. I had this mp3 player around the time 0days such as stuxnet were used. There is also a store code on my mp3 player, except I don't believe I had a store account with anything. Unless they're cryptography codes, I might have tried installing rockbox on it at the time. All of these files look strange, I have never heard of a virus on a mp3 player... the store folder is BBEA714D-E376-4E44-92B9-5B5B2A4A2861 on a hidden folder labeled spotlight.v-100.

The spotlight.v-100 is used to help search for files, you can read about how it works on Google. Since this doesn't seem related to rockbox I'm going to close it.


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