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Cowon D2+ 2.13/rockbox not seeing internal memory


Hi people,

I'm having a problem with rockbox not seeing the files on the device(internal memory), but it sees all the music and files on the SD card(extension memory). Has any other D2 owner come across this? Is this a short coming if the d2 build being unstable?

I'm using the latest bootlader and latest development build of rockbox. So everything is up to date. And D2+ firmware 2.13.If you need any other info please ask.

Thanks for reading

Edit: the exact version I'm using is fd12225861-240112

Yes, the internal NAND storage is disabled:


--- Quote from: cereal_killer on January 16, 2024, 03:47:33 PM ---Yes, the internal NAND storage is disabled:

--- End quote ---

Well mystery solved then. Lol. I was hoping I'd hear from you about this since my searches brought you up a couple times for the D2

May I ask why it was disabled? Did it make rockbox not functionable?

Well at least we have it with the sd card. That's better than none. Thank you for replying. I thought I was doing something wrong...

Edit: by the way. What's a good, affordable ($40 or less) Device that works with rockbox that you would recommend? My beloved sansa clip plus's battery isn't that great after all these years. I see they have a Clip Jam, but I've read there will never be rb for it. So anything in particular that you would recommend?



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