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Problem with virtual keyboard


I seem to have developed a problem with the virtual keyboard on my 5.5 Gen iPod running Rockbox dev build 9e802be969-231204 - see attached photo.

This evening I added about 35 new tracks to the iPod, rebuilt the database from scratch, and then ran the DiskTidy plugin to get rid of the ._* and .DS_Store files.  Afterwards I went to rename a file and encountered the weird virtual keyboard in the Rename screen.  I had also done the exact same procedure of adding the same new tracks etc on a 7th Gen Classic but its virtual keyboard is fine.  Maybe I inadvertently set DiskTidy to delete something that caused this?

Does anyone have any clues, explanations, suggestions, etc?  If not, I guess I will replace/rebuild my .Rockbox directory.  Maybe I should do that in any case...?


Looks like morse code. From manual:

--- Quote ---Also you can switch to Morse code input mode by changing the Use Morse Code
Input setting or by pressing Long Menu in the virtual keyboard
--- End quote ---

So try pressing Long Menu to exit it.

You nailed it - thank you so much.

I looked at that part of the manual last night while searching for an explanation/solution, but it was late and I was tired and the Morse Code input mode statement didn't register in my fuzzy brain.  I must have inadvertently turned the mode on with a Long Menu press.  I often trigger unintended states by pressing a little too long on various buttons, but that was my first visit into Morse Code input mode.

Again, thanks.


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