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A new item for the Current Playlist's context menu?


I very often want to auto-play just a portion of a playlist - for instance just tracks 17 - 32 in a 50 track playlist.  Starting Play on track 17 is already easily doable of course, but I don't know of any way to have Play automatically stop when track 32 finishes.  The Sleep Timer is great when you want to work with elapsed time (and when timing in one minute increments is precise enough for one's purposes), but it doesn't really work for stopping Play exactly on track boundaries.  If there was a menu item in the Current Playlist's context menu that was akin to "Move" and "Remove" that was called something like "Remove All Following", I think it would be extremely useful (at least for me... ;-).  My current hack for accomplishing more or less the same thing is to insert a very lengthy track of silence after the last track I want played, and then guesstimate a setting for the Sleep Timer that will stop Play in the midst of that silence.

Having a "Remove All Following" menu item would also be very handy for general editing of playlists (as would a "Remove All Preceding" menu item).


see the fade2sleep lua plugin should be able to adapt that to do what you want

Thank you for this DIY suggestion.  I looked at the contents of fade2sleep.lua, and getting a handle on lua scripting is beyond me at this time.  But perhaps at some point in the future I'll be better positioned to take it on.


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