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Sony ZX-300 change language help - "Reset Settings"


Hi.  I have a new Sony Walkman NW-ZX300, purchased from Japan (I already have a ZX-300, West Europe destination version, purchased 3 years ago).  The new one is configured as destination J (Japan) version.  I'm about to use the RockBox tool to switch the new one to destination CEW2  (West Europe) and uncap sound pressure once I can borrow a Windows or Linux PC - I'm all-Mac.

I'm clear on the process, and have downloaded both Windows and Linux versions of the tool (both v27).  My main query is regarding the "IMPORTANT" reference in the documentation about re-setting the settings on the device to get the modification applied.  Does this just mean I need to change the language to English on the device, or carry out a full device reset, or will a simple shut-down and restart pick up the modification?

Quick follow-up question - any possibility of developing a version of the tool to work on the MacOS platform?

The Mac OS X version listed here will not do?

Pamaury, the person responsible for the sound region tool and the port for the Sony devices hasn't been seen since 2018 and hasn't committed in nearly 10 years

Sorry, without hardware to test and someone willing / capable / interested enough this will never happen

Unless that happens to be you.

I just borrowed an old Widows laptop and got the NW-ZX300 switched to Western Europe/English with no problems.


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