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I am able to install, but unable to run RockBox on my iPod

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Alan Tochterman:

I have an iPod 5th gen (30gb) updated with a 128gb ssd

My computer is an updated Mac Pro running OS Sonoma with OpenCore Legacy Patcher

I formatted the iPod using a friend's PC and did a complete restore in FAT32.

I downloaded the most recent version of RockBox for Mac, 3.15.1  (Whenever I open it, it tells me that a newer version is available.  Not sure why.)

I moved the app to my Applications folder.

In order to run the software I am using the following Terminal command (I found this on-line)

sudo /Applications/

I checked the boxes to download and install the bootloader, fonts, a few selected themes, and Plugin Data

The install program runs and finishes and indicates that I was successful.

When I attempt to boot the iPod, the Rockbox logo appears briefly, then the unit defaults to "No Partition found.  Insert USB cable and fix it."

When I go into Settings (In Apple Mode) it verifies that my iPod is set up for a Windows machine.

Attached, please find a screenshots of my iPods directory system.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Alan Tochterman

This probably means you don't have the FAT32 partitions setup correctly.  Did you actually restore in iTunes for Windows or just reformat as FAT32?  The latter won't work.  See:

Alan Tochterman:
Thank you for a response

Yes, I erased the iPod on my mac.  Then borrowed a friends PC with Windows 10 running.  I downloaded the most recent version of iTunes for Windows from the Apple website, (not Microsoft's).  Installed iTunes and then connected the iPod.  The error message appeared telling me that I had a Mac formatted iPod.  I then proceeded to do a complete restore. 

After I disconnected the iPod, I went into settings, then to about, scrolled to the bottom and it said that it was formatted for Windows. 

So I think I did everything right

It could also be related to the SSD not being recognized in rockbox.  Have you tried the latest development build?  Which SSD is it?

Alan Tochterman:
That is a good question.

I purchased the iPod with the SSD already installed.

Short of opening the box, I do not know if there is a way to see what it is.

Any suggestions ?

Do different brands of SSDs have different issues?


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