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iRiver H320 backlight gone after flashing RB w/ UNPATCHED Korean firmware



Recently, I purchased a used iRiver H320 with the intent of Rockboxing it. I followed the instructions in the RB manual, acquired a Korean firmware dump, and mistakenly loaded it into the RB utility unpatched. Now, the device boots without a backlight and upon booting into its stock Now Playing screen none of the buttons work (aside from the hold switch), which means I also cannot figure out a way to re-flash said firmware (I would have to go into the device's settings and turn off USB charging, if I remember correctly). I'm unsure if this is the result of my crappy job at flashing the firmware or if the battery is just really dead, or even if the display coincidentally died on me, but either way, is there any documentation on a recovery process with a device like this? By the off chance that it is the firmware, is this device capable of a factory reset? It's probably a really dumb question, and I hate to make assumptions, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


EDIT: sorry, this probably should've gone in "Iriver - Installation/Removal/Flashing" I suppose.


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