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iPod Classic: Disable boot to original firmware with the hold switch


Hello all,

I've been a happy rockbox user for a few years now but there's one feature that's been bugging me for ages that I've not been able to figure out. I have an iPod Classic (6/7th-gen) and I really dislike the feature that it will boot to the original firmware if powered on with the hold switch active. I don't forget that often anymore, but every now and then I'll drop my iPod into a dock to play music and forget to switch the hold button and then I have to reboot it to get into rockbox. It's a minor inconvenience, but one I'd like to solve.

I found this forum post (, discussing the same thing with the non-6th gen iPod bootloader, but unfortunately it seems the 6th-gen bootloader is designed quite differently and I can't find the logic in it to change the operation. I'm perfectly comfortable compiling and installing the bootloader and firmware manually at this point so it's just a matter of tracking down what logic needs to be changed to remove this functionality.

Can anyone provide some guidance on what might need to be changed?

See the code here:

maybe this should be de-activated by a special file or something or set it to prompt and if no user interaction power off?

See this recent thread which if you follow the links will include a precompiled bootloader that will disable OF booting altogether. If you only want to disable the OF from launching under a single condition you'll have to compile a new bootloader.,54703.msg253009.html#msg253009

This reminds me that Rockbox Bootloader USB Mode doesn't seem to work with my iPod Video 5/5.5 Gens - it seems to initially enter the mode but then immediately exit and fall into the regular Rockbox user mode.  I have checked it with one 5.5 Gen running 9e802be969-231204 and another running 4faffe0a9c-230303, and they both seem unable to remain in Bootloader USB Mode whether or not they are connected to my computer.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?  My iPods running the iPod Classic 6th Gen Rockbox firmware go in and out of Bootloader USB Mode properly (according to my understanding of how it's supposed to work).


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