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HiFi Walker H2 Reproduction Error Loop


Hello everyone! I just managed to rock my HiFi Walker H2 following the instructions for manual installation on the wiki and using the bootloader provided in there, but there seems to be a problem: whenever I try to start a music file after starting up Rockbox, the player turns to a white screen with this writing on it:

segmentation fault at 7770857c (this alphanumeric number varies on the kind of file I'm trying to play)
address (nil)
rockbox.ersoq(rb_back trace+0x44) [0x4811d4]

When displaying this screen, the player is stuck and there's no audio, the only way to turn back is to reboot it manually. Every time I turn it on again, Rockbox tells me the database hasn't been initialized and needs to run another update first. I'm using a SD that's been formatted in FAT32, so I don't really know what I'm doing wrong here. Help!

UPDATE: It seems like the problem might have something to do with file extensions, somehow. I tried to put FLAC files and nothing seems to make Rockbox crash. However, as soon as I put on .ogg files, I get the same error described above.


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