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Sony walkman repair shop - out of warranty?



I'll put this in a separate post as it might get missed otherwise

Can anyone recommended a repair shop for Sony walkmans?

I have two bricked a25 models serial numbers end with 521 pink and 084 red

The pink one spontaneously bricked itself a year or so ago after charging attempt

The red one, admittedly the battery isn't as good as it once was, but a week ago I was in a library and I was charging the walkman via my laptop, rather than from a direct power outlet as usual, after this the walkman was still on, but it refused to accept a recharge from any outlet, so possibility of a USB exploit has rendered this walkman inoperable

Is it possible to JTAG the a25 or any of the Sony walkmans?

P.s. if anyone wants to pm me a link to the Sony dev tools so I can reset the serial numbers on a replacement motherboard, I'll have your babies as soon as I grow myself a uterus

There's setup procedures documented in the service manuals, but I have yet to see associated software for download anywhere?


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