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Problems with interpreting certain AAC/M4B files

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I might look into it if you can share problematic file.

The problem is the same with every 22kHz AAC from Audible I have tried, but not the files I encoded myself with ffmpeg (same settings). How do I share an audio file here? No audio file extensions are allowed..

Here is a sample, just rename it to M4B after downloading and it should be alright (probably should have zipped it before uploading). Thank you for taking the time to look at it

This file works properly on my device (Sansa Clip Zip). From what I see file contains implicit SBR signaling which means it's AAC-HE file that's backward compatible with AAC-LC format (can be played both as hi quality 44100 HZ and lower quality 22050 HZ)
SBR decoding is enabled on your device (seems enabled for all devices) but your device is not powerful enough.

SBR decoding (see SBR_DEC) should be disabled for not capable devices. It should fix the issue with backward compatible files.

I prepared test Ipod Video build with SBR decoding disabled. Can you test it?

Ipod Video build:



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