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Problems with interpreting certain AAC/M4B files

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Not sure about audible, but there's usually an option to select download format. Since your device can't decode AAC-HE files, it would make sense to download a supported format like regular AAC or MP3. Disabling SBR decoding will enable decoding, but at lower quality since the SBR part of the file will be ignored

Thank you very much. The custom build works and the iPod 5G is now playing my audiobook without throttling! As for sound quality I don't hear a difference and even if there is any it not going to be a big problem for speech.

You wouldn't happen to have a script or something to make the building easier when I want a new update?


--- Quote from: bahus on December 22, 2023, 08:43:35 AM ---I prepared test Ipod Video build with SBR decoding disabled. Can you test it?

Ipod Video build:


--- End quote ---

I think this could be committed although it should check for CPU_PP, not just the faster PP models, since it they don't work the slower ones won't either.


--- Quote from: saratoga on December 23, 2023, 01:42:46 PM ---I think this could be committed although it should check for CPU_PP

--- End quote ---

What about PP6100. It looks powerful enough looking at Sansa View CPU frequency (250000000 for sansa vs 11289600 for ipod video). PP6100 seems a dead port but anyway I excluded only PP5002 - PP5022.

Change request:

If there's ever a PP6100 device that can play music they can test and see if SBR runs in relatively time.


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