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Problems with interpreting certain AAC/M4B files

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Hi all

I have been using Rockbox on my iPod for audiobook for some time now and it works great with various codecs, including AAC.

I get most of the audiobook from Audible, and Rockbox plays the high resolution 125kbps/44100Hz M4Bs just fine, but with the lower resolutions 62k/22050Hz, the screen starts to freeze and the codec and sample rate shown is wrong. All the are AACs are low complexity, but according to Rockbox the 62k/22050Hz are AAC high efficiency and have a sample rate of 44100 hertz.

I have the same problem with the 32k/22050 though they are playable (due to the lower resolution I assume).

Any suggestions to what might be causing the problem and how to fix it?

For now I convert them to flac (to retain audio quality and because it transcodes faster than opus for instance)

Thank you in advance

The older iPods are too slow to play AAC-HE files. We didn't disable decoding the HE part like Apple does since for a while it looked like it might be possible to decode with more optimization although maybe we should.

If there's an option for regular AAC, just use that.


--- Quote from: Kassius on December 17, 2023, 08:42:24 AM ---codec and sample rate shown is wrong

--- End quote ---

Is it reproducible on latest  daily build? can either be the fix or the cause of this issue.

Yes, it is the latest daily build and the files are not HE despite what Rockbox thinks.

I tried the stable build that does not include the as far as I can see, but the issue seemed to be the same.


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