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SanDisk Clip+ crashes most likely to RAM/CPU-intensive operations



i switched back to my old SanDisk Clip+ as i smashed my SanDisk Fuze+ headphone jack by hanging with my headphone cable at an supermarket baffle gate.

So on high load operations like f.e. updating database it randomly crashes and tries to do it again on next boot after soft reset by pressing power on + volume up for 10+ seconds.

I use an 64GB microSD card with ~5.000 mp3 files which obviously is out of specs for the time the Clip+ was introduced. Is there a way to make it more reliable while accepting longer waiting time for these operations? Disabling some buffering / RAM intensive operations? I would be okay to lack some features like database search as I mostly just use random playback and just manually skip to the next random song.

Thanks and regards

I have at least 10x that many songs and no issue are you using a dev or release version?


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