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Error Uploading Theme

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Inside rockbox we use case sensitive UNIX paths as well
and as the sim just kinda runs on top of the existing FS
I can see where that could bring out some issues


--- Quote from: Dook on December 03, 2023, 09:45:15 AM ---As far as I'm aware, the issue here is the %T tags. They are tags that only work on touchscreen devices, since they require touch to perform the set action. The theme uploader is quite strict, so even if it runs on device and is entirely "legal" in a sense, it will reject the theme.

For now I'd say try removing these tags and see what happens. It is a little bit strange that it can't open BatteryStatus.bmp, If you have any further issues, consider uploading the code to github or an equiavaent and I'll take a look over it.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, I have been burnt out from trying to figure out the error and it was BatteryStatus. the file name is "batteryStatus" and the wps file was the only one with an incorrect file name. Cheers!

Fantastic news! Was just checking out the theme and looks great, I remember seeing you post about this online before. Love that USB screen especially, keep up the great work!


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