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ipod and DC220



I'm using rockbox on my iPod 5th generation, as far as I know, everything works correctly.

I had a speaker with a dock for the iPod, and I could control the music player from the dock itself. It had a pause/play, forward and backward buttons.

I now have another dock, a Philips DC220, it also has control buttons but they do not seem to work.

I've retested the iPod (with rockbox) on my previous dock, the button works.

I've rebooted in the iPod stock firmware and tested it on the DC220, buttons do also work.
I also discovered that the dock has a clock that syncs the time with the ipod.
Worked immediately after botting to iPod stock firmware, does not work with rockbox.

I've read on the forum, somewhere, that the protocol is reverse-engineered and incomplete.

Is there something I can collect (logs, debug info) in the hope that it could help to improve the status quo?


Question -- What version of rockbox are you running on your ipod?  If you are running the stable release (3.15, several years old at this point) then please re-try with the latest nightly build.

(There are multiple IAP versions, and I believe we handle the basic playback controls for all of the serial-based variations.  However, it's possible that dock uses IAP-over-USB, which we do _not_ support.)


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