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WPS showing the song name (I would like)

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so, if you don't want any id3 info, you can replace those lines (your bold ones) with

%s%ac%fn                      ; this displays the filename
%s%ac%d1                     ; current folder (for me this is the album)
%s%ac%d2                     ; one folder up (for me it's artist)

the other tags with the ? and the <> in the original wps aren't needed here, thats a conditional (if something, then do this, else that)

You can try everything with the wps code, there is no way to harm your player, the worse case is that nothing is displayed.
It's a little bit confusing at first with all the % signs, I know.

Hi !

Thanks for the help.
Now it's just like I always wanted it to be.

Thanks !

And just so you know, you really ARE capable of making your own personalized WPS.  You already have one here, and now can add some other things you might like in it.  Just check out the WPS documentation--the code listings, plus an item-by-item WPS creation walk-through with screenshots.


great !


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