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Hifi Walker H2 - "Nand open error"


Hello everyone,

During the native port installation of Rockbox on my newly purchased Hifi Walker H2, I encountered the error "NAND open error (5)". This error also occurs when I try to create a backup of the bootloader or generate the flash_info.txt.

In the Surfans F20 thread,54228.45.html?PHPSESSID=903p88ss74cbqo1fpe8soicof7, I read that the bootloader has been adapted for the current chip. I suspect that a newer version of the chip in the Hifi Walker H2 causes the released bootloader to be incompatible.

To obtain the logs for the flash_info.txt, I used the modified bootloader for the Surfans F20 with jztool.
This is the result:

--- Code: ---readID opcode  = FF C8 51 C8
readID address = C8 51 C8 51
readID dummy   = C8 51 C8 51
sfc params0  = 06 05 04 03
sfc params1  = 02 55 AA 55
sfc params2  = 00 2B 02 02
sfc params3  = B4 2F 00 00

--- End code ---

For completeness, here are the steps I have taken:
1. Updated the Hifi Walker H2 Firmware to version 1.5
2. Prepared the SD Card
    - File Format FAT32
    - Contents:

--- Code: ---/media/sdcard
├── bootloader.erosq
└── .rockbox

--- End code ---
3. Started the native installation process via jztool

--- Code: ---sudo ./jztool -v erosq load bootloader.erosq

--- End code ---
4. Get stuck due to the described error

Can someone help me with this problem?

Your suspicions are correct, please try the new bootloader I posted here:,54228.msg253029.html#msg253029

Thank you very much for your reply!

Unfortunately the installation process could still not be completed due to the error message "File not found". I double checked that the latest daily build for the Rockbox AIGO EROS Q is present as .rockbox in the root directory of the sdcard. It all seems to be correct, but still doe not work. I used your bootloader for the sdcard as well as for the jztool command.

In case it could help, here is the output of the flash_onfi_info.txt:

--- Code: ---signature = FFFFFFFF
revision = FFFF
manufacturer = "������������"
device model = "��������������������"
JEDEC mf. id = FF
data bytes per page = 4294967295
spare bytes per page = 65535
pages per block = 4294967295
blocks per lun = 4294967295
number of luns = 255
bits per cell = 255
max bad blocks = 65535
block endurance = 65535
programs per page = 255
page program time = 65535
block erase time = 65535
page read time = 65535

--- End code ---

Do you have any idea what the problem is?


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