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issue with Ver. 92e77ddbd8-231119?

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Hi, I hope someone can help, I've loaded Rockbox 1000's of times for iPod customers, today I've loaded it onto two 7th Gen iPod Classics and they both just hang on the Rockbox start up screen, I've never seen this before and as the same thing is happening on two devices Im guessing there is an issue with the daily build? anyone have any idea I've wiped all cards and loaded it back on fresh twice.

I've annswered my own question ;D loading the Stable release 3.15 has sorted them both.

Curious as to what the most recent dev version you found you could use and not have the problem.  Although you say 3.15 works for you, that is fairly old and misses a lot of nice improvements.

  Only asking because I've just had the same issue and found that this ipod (7th gen) freezes on the boot screen with the 231122, 231121, 231120 and 231119 versions.  It seemed to start booting OK again when I reverted back to 231118.

  Might be a premature concern, as it's quite possible it's the ipod itself, maybe disk corruption when copying the rockbox files onto it?  But curious that it sounds like the same issue you had.  Going to test with other 7th gen ipods and see if it happens to all of them with post 231119 releases.

Well I'm now completely confused.  Tried another 7th gen and it worked OK when I updated RB to the 231119 build, but then when I tried the 231122 build it hung on booting like the first ipod.  Same with 231121.

So both of them hang on 231122 and 231121 builds and both work with 231118 or earlier, but one seems to work with 231119 while the other doesn't.

Still more confused.  Tried a 6th gen (as opposed to 7th gen) and it worked fine with 231123 build.  Haven't tried it with earlier builds yet.


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