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Problem with the Shortcuts Plugin?

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Got it figured out

give me the next day or two to make sure it doesn't break anything else

Fantastic - thanks so much!

This is now submitted

I think it should work pretty well

let me know if you find any issues

Thanks for the bug report its been broken for 2+ years!

Now that the booting issue with the recent dev build(s) has been resolved I am able to try out the changes to the Shortcut Plugin.

In the new build, when I manually 'play' my .link file directly from the file browser everything now seems to work 100%.

But when I play my .link file via a "type: file" entry in my Shortcuts menu (which is what I most want to be able to do with all of this) things get screwy.  It's complicated to explain - in part because we're talking about shortcuts to shortcuts (and maybe that's the crux of the issue).  But the gist of it is that when I navigate from the Shortcuts menu into the .link file and then on to track files via this mechanism, a track file won't start playing when I click on it, and I get taken back to the Main Menu.  If I then go back into my Shortcuts menu and click on the shortcut to the .link file, the track will immediately start playing and I'll find myself in the WPS instead of back in the .link file.  There are other variations to this deferred and misdirecting behavior when using the Shortcuts menu to play a .link file.

[Edit]  This happens with both my 5.5 Gen iPod Video and my 7th Gen iPod Classic - both now running cb3b5397b3-231124.

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