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Problem with the Shortcuts Plugin?

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Shortly after the last fix was released I noticed one additional relatively minor anomaly, but I chose to not mention it at that time because of all of the reworking that had already been done, for which I was (and still am) very grateful.  But today I bumped into it again so I thought I would mention it.

When I select one of the entries in my .link file, I get properly taken into the directory that the link points to.  If at that point I decide to exit back into the .link file's list of entries I press the RWD button.  That takes me back into the .link file's list of entries with the entry I had previously clicked still highlighted and scrolled into view.  But then immediately and automatically, the entry is unhighlighted, the list is scrolled so that the list's first entry is positioned at the top of the screen, and that first entry gets highlighted.  This is not a big deal if the list is short and/or if I had clicked on an entry near the top of the list.  But my link file has 75 entries and is still growing, so I wish the previously highlighted entry would remain highlighted and scrolled into view.


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