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Problem with the Shortcuts Plugin?

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Bingo - you did it!  Seems to be 100%.  I've tried six scenarios and they all worked.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Of course, I'm curious to know what was different about accessing my shortcuts via a long click on the Menu Button in the Main Menu vs a long click from anywhere else?  But you have already devoted enough (too much) of your time to making it work, so I'm content to have the fully functioning feature without having to know the hows and whys.


there were i think 5 different ways it could be called with differing levels of indirection but basically they all roll through the root menu at some point but filtering for other things (like the shortcut plugin) wiped out the return depending who called from where how deep (in the last one in the case of how not deep I guess..)

Thanks for sharing that info.

You are welcome thanks for the bug report and testing :)


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