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Problem with the Shortcuts Plugin?

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--- Quote from: iPodVT on November 24, 2023, 04:48:12 PM ---...when I navigate from the Shortcuts menu into the .link file and then on to track files via this mechanism, a track file won't start playing when I click on it, and I get taken back to the Main Menu.  If I then go back into my Shortcuts menu and click on the shortcut to the .link file, the track will immediately start playing and I'll find myself in the WPS instead of back in the .link file.  There are other variations to this deferred and misdirecting behavior when using the Shortcuts menu to play a .link file.

--- End quote ---

Another variation:  If instead of going back into the Shortcuts menu, I try to enter the File browser, the track begins playing and I am again put into the WPS.

eh I figured this would be the next issue basically the shortcut_view plugin was abusing the browser to pick a file i've rectified that and added a way to run shortcuts within the tree which is why
when you reenter the tree it works

what will need to be done is adding a way for the shortcut plugin to pass back the results OF the call shortcut_view left for the main file browser tree

i'll see if I can repro this

Thank you very much for responding to this, and so quickly.

To try to help you reproduce this I will reiterate my setup (slightly changed from my earlier initial post):

My .link file is named, located in the root directory of the iPod, and the file's first line is:

#Display last path segments=1

The other lines in the .link file are all paths to directories that solely contain music track files - each path beginning with a '/' char and ending with a '/' char followed by a carriage return.

The declaration in my shortcuts.txt file is:

type: file
data: /
name: Recently Added To Library
icon: -1

I have turned on "shortcuts instead of quickscreen", and I have gotten the same results using both the Shortcuts menu from the Main menu and accessing Shortcuts via a long click on the Menu button.  I also tried changing "file" to "browse" in the [shortcut] declaration so that I would be taken to the .link file instead of into it - but I experienced the same behavior either way.

I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you need any more info.


--- Quote from: iPodVT on November 24, 2023, 07:38:27 PM ---I have turned on "shortcuts instead of quickscreen"

--- End quote ---

Meaning I always have "shortcuts instead of quickscreen" turned on.

Perhaps I've found a clue:

On page 152 of the current edition of the rockbox-ipod6g.pdf user manual I see, "To use a .link file just “play” it from the file browser. This will show you a list with the entries in the file. Selecting one of them will then exit the plugin and leave you within the directory selected, or with the file selected in the file browser."

When I select (click on) one of the entries from the .link file, I seem to get taken into the directory specified by that entry - the title of the resulting list is correctly the name (actually, the pathname) of that directory and the displayed list of items contains the names of the files in that directory.  But list's title is using the Plugins icon, not a file browser (folder) icon.  So am I still in the plugin at that point or am I in the File Browser?  Maybe the manual's description of where I'm supposed to be is in error?  In any case, this icon display happens regardless of whether I access the .link file from the File Browser or from the Shortcuts menu.


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