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%LT tag wont scroll if %Lb is linked to more than one viewport


I've been experimenting building a theme using the drawing lists as a skin feature and have run into a few bugs.

Currently, making menu items scroll works but only if you have one viewport linked to the %Lb tag. If you want to add images, icons etc to your menu items, then scrolling stops working. This can be best seen in the Wavy theme currently.

Does anyone know of workarounds or fixes?

Found the solution, or at least what works right now:

The viewport with the text %LT tag in it must be placed last in the order of viewports. The %LT tag also needs to be on it's own in the viewport, though you can still have styling tags.

I just fixed a scroller bug in scroll_stop_viewport_rect() probably not related but might be
since its dealing with vp intersection

likely this is probably the issue for you even in a non buggy form itd make vp thats overlapped kill the scroll

I've been trying the latest patch a bit, it hasn't sadly fixed the ordering issue here (I suspect it could be to do with how the code for %Lb is reading viewports?) Thankfully haven't seen any regressions though!


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