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No songs play from database view on iPod 5.5G


I used to be running Rockbox 3.15 on my iPod Video 5.5G, but the database was so fragile it was unusable for me. I recently learned that 3.15 is not really supported and that the development builds might do better for me, so I updated to 7ac4d34dd6-231110 (a build from yesterday, 10th November 2023) in the hopes that I might be able to use the database again.

The database did update properly without getting stuck, which was good. However, now it appears that no song I select from the database view will actually play. The iPod will bring up the track play screen for a second, with the loading spinner indicating that it's trying to load the track, but will then drop back immediately to the database track selection view.

I've tried various tracks from my database and none of them work, not even after a restart or a database rebuild. I can play tracks fine through the file system view, but this is not ideal from a usability perspective since a lot of my tracks are named "<number> <artist name> <album name> <track title>", which means with the limited list view width their names all look identical unless you hover over each one and let it scroll.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or any other debugging information I can provide? I am familiar with C/C++ so I can also look into building the firmware locally and applying tweaks if this would help.

Updating to today's build (≥ dd1063f) should fix it :)

Nice one, I'll give that a go once I'm home and see if it sorts it. Thanks!

EDIT: It seems to work!

Hi sorry I saw this but still have this issue, even redownloading the albums testing them on my laptop and trying different formats and the songs will play for a few seconds then skip to the next song.

I even tried the dev build and the issue persists.


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