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Iriver H140 crashed not booting


I'm hopping someone can help
I have an Iriver H140 and I recently put rockbox 120-3.15 on it.
And it was all working fine.

I did a recording and then deleted the recording and the player crashed and was stuck on the menu screen.
I waited and tried to turn it off with the power button but it didn't respond.
So I ended up pressing the reset button which reset it.

But now it wont boot. I just get.

Rockbox boot loader
version 8
batt: 4.06V
Hold switch on
Shutting down.

and it powers off.

I am able to connect it to the computer and have run the rockbox utility. And that runs and loads the file all fine with no errors. But the player still wont boot with the same error message.

Does anyone know what I can do to recover it.


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