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How To Clear Database Recently Played Tracks?


I'm looking for (but not finding) a way to clear the list of tracks collected in Database->History->Recently played tracks.  Is there a way to do this?  I've looked at the user manual and done some other searching but haven't found anything.  I'd rather not have to reinitialize and rebuild the database from scratch as that would also clear all other accumulated runtime data, though perhaps clearing only the list of Recently played tracks would put the database into a state that some might consider to be inconsistent.  Which raises another question for me:  Is there a duration of time after which the previous playing of a track is no longer considered to have been recent and the track would be deleted from the list?




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The technical nature of much of that info is somewhat over my head - certainly in terms of how I would go about manually editing (or using a python script tool to edit) the database files in order to clear the list of recently played tracks.  But thanks for the reply and link.


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