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ChatGPT rewrote Themify WPS code

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Honestly, for converting themes between resolutions it would be easier to write a normal kind of program to do the conversion - it would, I guess, share a lot of code with the actual WPS interpreter code in Rockbox.

  Which in turn makes me wonder if that code could have been written/could be re-written to be resolution-independent?  Such that themes would specify co-ordinates on, say, a nominal 1000x1000 scale, and the theme engine would just scale them to scale to fit the actual screen resolution.  I assume there's a very good reason why it doesn't work that way, though, and I'm not the guy to do it, but it seems the logical end-point of considering using AI to do it.

  Pretty sure something like ChatGPT would produce something weird, as it would all be based on looking plausible as code, without really understanding the underlying point of fitting the screen resolution.

There was  a theme being worked on a few years ago that attempted to do just that, it used the percentages features among other things to create a 'universal' theme. I think all that needed to be changed was some asset stuff for each device. I think this theme from github is the one.

For simple themes it could probably work really well. For themify it likely wouldn't as I had to add stuff very meticulously to work around theme engine bugs, especially to make the re-colourable features work as intended.

I've been experimenting a little myself with creating scripts for my themes. Adwaitapod especially has become a bit of a behemoth to work on, so if I want to add more features in the future I'll need to make it more scripted than hand written. I might try work on a cross-device theme script someday.


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