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HIFI Walker H2 Rockbox wont find mountpoint


Hi. It wont detect mount point even though windows found the sdcard and i see it and can access it. I reformatted the drive but it did no difference, the utility still wont find it. I also tried installing manually, i put the pre-pathed file into root of sd card and renamed it and put .rockbox folder there, went into firmware update in the player, but it says that it can't find any firmware to update. So that did not work either the firmware is 1.5.0 or 1.5.1beta something, there was a version.ini file in the sdcard but i forgot to make a backup, it said something 1.5.1beta or 1.5.0beta
if i look in the player itself it only says version 1.5 nothing about beta, but in the ini file it did. does this have anything to do with utility not finding the mountpoint or that putting the update file in root of sdcard but still player says it does not find any update file?

EDIT: ok the version.ini file reappeared, the version is 1.5.01Beta

Nevermind its all good now :)

Hi there! Signed up to ask you about this. I recently got a H2 on version 1.6 firmware, and repeatedly get mount point errors using the utility on Windows. Mind sharing how you resolved your issue?

Did  you guys find a solution for this ? I just got mine with the V 1.7 firmware and I was wondering why the mount point did not show up :/.


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