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Emulator cd-rom (dvd-rom) on Ipod Classic


Hello! Is it possible to create emulaton of cd-rom, like in iodd (or zalman)?

Create ISO folder, put some iso images to it and on screen switch needed iso image and start, on pc or some other devices appears new (virtual) cdrom with needed iso images.

Yes that would be possible since CDROMs use the same MSC mode as the hard drives in Rockbox.  Not sure of the details, but you'd have to identify to the OS as an external CDROM and then pass the contents of the ISO file rather than the rest of the disk.  Probably a lot of work but might be a fun project if you're into that kind of thing :)

gevaerts: might be a decent starting point. Not much more than that though, it doesn't do much of the UI stuff needed to control things, I wouldn't bet against there being issues that could cause filesystem corruption, it's old and probably needs work to even apply on the current tree, and there's no support at all for CDROM-specific things.

Back then I did try it though and it kind of worked some of the time!


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