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Surfans F20 v2.5 - factory/stock firmware? Uninstall help


Hello! I have a Surfans F20, the older version with Micro-USB and the v2.5 Firmware.

i tried to set up Rockbox several months ago, but made a mistake that left it in an unusable state. After many hours I was able to get Rockbox to run properly, but I would like to go back to the factory/default settings.

I used to install Rockbox, but unfortunately I don't have a backup of the stock Surfans F20 v2.5 bootloader/firmware? and have not been able to find a copy to download.

Does anyone happen to have a working backup?
I can remove Rockbox, but the bootloader is still there and I can't seem to remove that.
Thanks for any help you all can provide  :)

Hi k8seren,
I found the "F20 Firmware update" here:

Awesome, thanks so much for the reply! I'll give this a go, fingers crossed!

Update: This worked!!

Tips for anyone else doing the same:
- Use a microSD card 32GB or smaller. I had issues with my usual 256GB card, even when FAT32 formatted. YMMV, but this was the only way I could get it to recognize the firmware file.
- have nothing else on the SD card. Not certain this is necessary but this worked in my case.

Hope this helps someone else, and HUGE thanks to @lubatur for the working firmware file.


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