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Sansa Models SDXC capacities


I thought it worthwhile posting my experience of the largest SDXC capacities that I've found work reliably with the various Sansa models that I have.

All using Rockbox V3.15. Going to the next size up in capacity results in unpredictable behaviour, Panic crashes and freeze crashes. All SDXC cards formatted FAT32.

Comments invited.

E200 series: 32 GB
Fuze V1 128 GB
Fuze V2 256 GB
Fuze Plus 256 GB
Clip Zip 256 GB

I have used 64GB successfully on E200 V2.  I am just trying a 128GB disk and so far it has not been recognized.  If anyone has helpful hints I would appreciate some. 

Size limit for all of those devices is 2TB, so your 256GB card should work on everything.

Just wanted to follow up on this.  Although my disk showed it was formatted as FAT it was not being recognized.  I reformatted it using DiskGenius (free download) and it is now being recognized by the e270.  So 128GB on my Sansa.  Nice! :)


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