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How to open a text file from Shortcuts Menu with Text Editor, not Text Viewer?


Is there a way to have a text file in my shortcuts menu get automatically opened by the Text Editor app instead of the Text Viewer app?  I want to do this because the text file contains characters with diacriticals that don't display properly in Text Viewer but do display properly in Text Editor.  This is on various iPod models with the language set to english-us.lng, running a fairly recent dev build.


Wait - I found that if I change the Text Viewer -> Viewer Options -> Encoding setting to UTF-8, the diacriticals get displayed properly.  That's great!

Now, is there a way to turn off line wrap in Text Viewer?  I can't find it, and so I still prefer Text Editor for this file and would like to be able to automatically open the file from my shortcuts menu with Text Editor rather than Text Viewer, if possible.  Again, thanks.

Where does the Text Viewer plugin store user settings?  I see files named tv_file.dat and tv_global.dat, but they seem to contain only font info despite the fact that I made changes to the settings for vertical scrolling.


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