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iPod 6 Classic with Rockbos is not recognized by Windows 10 after adding files

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Howdy folks, just joined the community.  I have scoured the forums and I'm just not finding my particular problem.

So I recently had my old iPod 6 Classic modded with an iFlash Quad controller with 2 512 GB MicroSDs.  It had been working fine with about 550GB of Vorbis files, aside from some battery life issues (similar to,54591.0.html) which I have been able to work around.

Then this week, I copied a bunch of new music to it, which seemed to work fine on the copy, but after ejecting the iPod it's effectively bricked. When Rockbox boots, it gets to "Committing Database 1/9" and never gets past it, eventually it seems to just drain the battery and shut off, even when plugged into USB. I've seen that this much seems to be common problem, from what I'm reading. The bigger problem, though, is in this state it will simply not be recognized by either of my Windows 10 computers in any way. Not as a USB device, not even an errored/unknown entry in Device Manager. 

So I can't even connect to it to reformat and rebuild from scratch. Some stuff said to install iTunes to get iPod driver support but even iTunes does not see it. I'm reading some stuff on how to use Rockbox Simulator to build large databases more reliably, but I can't do a damn thing if it the device is not recognized.  I did do a test rebuild of database using the simulator and it went fine, so I don't think it's a corrupted file or anything like that.

So just to list the technical details:

MB029C/A iPod classic 80GB Silver
Model #: A1238

storage: iFlash quad

Rockbox version 3.15

not sure if there's anything else I can add to that

Again, I'd just be happy if I could get it to the point that Windows can see it and I can rebuild it.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

3.15 won't work reliably with the iflash adapters. Update to the current build and it will probably work a lot better.


--- Quote from: saratoga on September 19, 2023, 12:38:17 AM ---3.15 won't work reliably with the iflash adapters. Update to the current build and it will probably work a lot better.

--- End quote ---

1)  As far as I knew 3.15 was the current build.  What would the current build be?

2)  That doesn't address the core problem as stated.  How can I update anything if I can't get the device recognized by my computer?

To update it you may have to start again from scratch.  I.e. put it in DFU mode and restore the original firmware, then install rockbox again (this time the latest development build - 3.15 really is quite old now).

Ok, after much tribulation I have finally gotten into DFU mode and have drive reformatted.  So just to be clear, I want to reinstall with the Development Version (e01055a287) and not the Daily Build?


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