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Surfans F20 Installation Issues



I would like some help with installing Rockbox via the Utility onto a Surfans F20 please.
I'm having trouble following others messages ([1] and [2]) in this forum so will list below the steps I have taken which I think should work, however when I click the Install button, the Utililty closes itself after I select the upt file.

Check SD Card is Fat32
Download RockboxUtility
download f20.v27-patched.upt file from
rename it to update.upt
copy to root of SD card
Run Rockbox Utility
Save Backup
Select Surfans F20 and drive
Click Install
Select update.upt

I also downloaded latest Zip from: and extracted to SD card which didn't seem to help.

Am I using the wrong file?

Thank you,

for what it's worth, I followed the instructions you just listed exactly and then ejected my device from USB, went to the system settings menu and started a firmware update and it worked for me.

Same problem here. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help


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