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Sansa Fuze V2 Line Out


This isn't the end of the world to me if I don't get a solution, but it would be nice.

With the first Fuze V1 I acquired it came with a Line Out adapter, being a short stubby cable with the Fuze 30 pin plug at one end and a 3.5mm audio jack plug at the other. It can be used for playing from Rockbox into a stereo system

I now have a Fuze V2, and the weird thing is that the adaptor works perfectly using the Sansa firmware, but not with Rockbox (using 3.15 and I've tried a couple of daily builds too, with the same result).

Is there a parameter somewhere in Rockbox settings to activate this?


If you search you can find the history of the v2 lineout, but essentially no one ever figured out how it's detected, so it doesn't work.

Thanks! You have an impressive memory. Those threads are 12 and 13 years old!

There is a patch with setting enabling line out:

It's integrated in poretsky's rockbox builds

Thank you


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