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Playlist is playing in random order since updating microSD card on Sansa ClipZip

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ill check this out in the next few days

ok I think I have it

the flag I added was in the range of NVRAM (emulated) so its hard telling what it was reading and writing


--- Quote from: Bilgus on September 13, 2023, 11:27:58 PM ---ok I think I have it

--- End quote ---

Yeah no more weird settings for me. Thanks!

As a test, I had it play #671 again, and it started playing #674 again. I tried having it play #1, and it played #4. I tried #671 again, and it played #674 again. Also, the last time I played the playlist by trying to start with #671, the tracks it played when I went to scrobble it looked the same as the tracks it had played before when I tried starting from that number. Since it seems to be playing tracks in a consistent order, it might not be that it is shuffling the tracks. Rather, what may have happened is that when I saved my now larger MP3 collection to the new micro SD card, something about how it recognizes files internally changed between this micro SD card and the other one. So, it is still playing tracks in a fixed order, but in one that is unpredictable to me and doesn't sit with my purpose of going through the whole playlist only once before rebuilding and reshuffling it.

For my next test, I have switched back to my previous micro SD card, and when it is done initializing, I will see if it behaves normally.

I'm thinking the solution might be to build and shuffle a new playlist, but that will take more time than what I'm doing right now.

functionally the actual shuffling hasn't changed I just overlapped the flag for the setting with another and all hell broke loose
fduniho it numbers the files as their original position in the directory when shuffled it'd start higher and unshuffled in its directory position
#4 and #674 respectively


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