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Playlist is playing in random order since updating microSD card on Sansa ClipZip

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I keep an exercise playlist on my Sansa ClipZip, which is stored in the main memory. So, after I replaced my 200GB microSD card with a 512GB microSD card, it was still there and working. However, it has been playing music on shuffle since I did this. Normally, I would shuffle the playlist once and gradually go through it in order. Now, when I try to go to a specific song in the playlist, it ignores that and continues playing another song, then it skips to a song that doesn't come immediately after it. For example, I tried playing #671, but it played #674, then skipped to #692. I have gone to Settings and selected No for Shuffle, but it hasn't helped. Is there anything else I can do?

we have some patches recently submitted on this  can you try the very latest dev version?

I have the same issue: even if I'm positive shuffle is disabled, Rockbox doesn't follow the alphabetical order of the files in a given directory anymore and plays them in a random order. The issue happens with both the internal memory and a SD card.

I went back to my usual last good bug-free Rockbox build (the 12 january one). It really saddens me to see all those playlist bugs crop up every time its code is modified. Rockbox used to be rock solid (pun intended), nowadays I stopped updating my devices as I don't trust new dev builds anymore. I'm grateful to the devs for all their hard work, however for one reason or another such glaring bugs have been slipping through their testing.

This was fixed some time ago.

I had this bug as well, I thought I had broken something in my fork, but I can confirm that this was fixed on 2023-07-12 (the last time I compiled my own build). In reality, it was definitely fixed earlier than this, I just can't remember the relevant commits.

Just tested latest 20230913 dev build using Sansa Clip Zip simulator. And I can confirm that something is terribly broken with settings handling.
I started without config.cfg file. But shuffle was ON for some reasons. Attempt to switch Shuffle to ON/OFF  and also changing Repeat to All lead to some garbage added in file:

shuffle: ÞÞÞÞހ·È A
repeat: 3034113
playback frequency: 256
follow playlist: on
warn when erasing dynamic playlist: off
keep current track when replacing playlist: off
start in screen: previous
qs top: -
qs left: shuffle
qs right: repeat
qs bottom: -

The only settings I explicitly modified 1) follow playlist, 2) shuffle and 3) repeat.  Not sure why other settings were added.

And attempt to open Quickscreen gives me Segmentation Fault.


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