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GBA Emulator?


Hi, I'm just wondering how feasible a Gameboy Advance emulator would be. The one that I'm talking about can be found here:

I have written consent from the Author to use it under GNU General Public License v2 open source license.

Thanks for reading =)
- Red.

Very CPP heavy code, so it'd be a fair amount of work to get running in a plugin.

Hi, thanks for your reply, it's much appreciated 👍

I did ask the developer, & he told me this:

I believe the source code was originally in C++, but not using many of the features of C++, so a conversion to C would not be difficult.

I did also find these open source GBA emulators on GitHub:

Cheers =)
- Red.

I could be wrong but I believe that GBA emulators will not be able to run full speed in Rockbox players, even light emulators as gpSP can't get very good accuracy on more powerful arm devices

mGBA would be the best option but demand a lot of cpu processing, even a Cortex-A9 can't run smoothly


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