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xDuoo X3 panics during boot on a regular basis


With any recent build (see images) and also today's build, my player panics during startup.
Hitting the power button it restarts and might panic again. After up to 5 trials, it usually boots ok.

This happens with and without a second Sd card.
This is what I had tested:
- resetting the config (actually installed rockbox on a new sd card).
- tried two different sd cards.

Is my device aging or is it something else?
Any help or hint what to try is welcome.


Rename away the .rockbox directory and unzip a fresh build there, and see what happens.

I just ran into something like this; it turned out to be corrupted database files due to a bad SD card.

Just renaming and new installation did not help.
But now I tried a brand new Sandisk card and a new installation, and it works fine. So really a problem with two previous cards.
Thanks, speachy.


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