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vitt, it almost looks like you need a magnifying glass to see the lens

I'm not sure which diodes are used to multiplex the buttons but if it is in the button path likely you won't hurt anything
if you were to get the diode backward
edit: ( after seeing vitts datasheet its likely not in the button path )

Hello Vitt13, and Bilgus.

Thank you both for resolving this, your technical diagnostic input, really clear images of the diodes, and diode technical specifications datasheet is greatly appreciated.

Vitt13, i have to say your solution using a DVD/RW lens to magnify the image via a smartphone camera is inspired.

I was thinking of trying two magnyfying glasses stacked, purchasing one of the Beileshi LED Light Soldering Station Magnifying Glass, or one of the alternatives, or trying the cameras i have stacked with the current magnyfying glass.

Now that i have seen these soldering stations, i think i am going to research them more and invest anyway, as i fairly frequently do electronics soldering.

Bilgus, thanks for your technical input on the circuit / button path, it would have taken me considerable effort and time to figure that information out.

The missing diodes forward voltage orientation is obvious now thanks to the clear picture Vitt13, has provided.

Could i ask for one final confirmation on the replacement diode type i will require, as shown on the diode specifications datasheet provided.

Looking at this datasheet, i am fairly confident that to repair i would likely need one of the below:

CZRV5227B-G - Cmc - SOD-323 - 3.42~3.78V - 24 Ohm - Izt20mA - 200mW
CZRW5227B-G - Cmc - SOD-123 - 3.42~3.78V - 24 Ohm - Izt20mA - 500mW
MMSZ5227BS - Di - SOD-323 - 3.6V - 24 Ohm - 200mW
MMSZ5227B - Di - SOD-123 - 3.6V - 24 Ohm - 500mW

My intuition tells me one of these is correct perhaps the 500mW options would be in order, or am i completely wrong?

Would it be practical, and (safe) to measure the current flowing through the diode with my multimeter whilst the Sansa is powered on, to determine the mA value requirement?

I could do this with the working replacement Sansa Clip+ or currently broken player i have.

I located information online that suggests this is possible by measuring the current flowing through the circuit, just before it passes through the diode itself.

Apparently this should be the mA rating i would require, however i suspect this will be much more complicated and involved than the article described.

The diode package type measured with my engineering verbiers @ 0.040Inch /- 1mm x 0.020Inch /- 0.5mm according to Google and specification data sheets makes this diode a 0402 type, and will be very challenging to solder however nothing is impossible.

Thanks again for your time and effort everyone.

MMSZ5227B in datasheet has size of 2.5mm.
The G2 diode size I measured is about 1mm without pads. So it's not SOD-123, it's something like SOD-523 or other case.

Thank you Saratoga, Bilgus and Vitt13.

I will find the appropriate recommended diode online and get the Sansa fixed.

I watched the Youtube video link provided by Vitt13, were Randontronic; uses a DVD/RW lens with a mobile / smartphone to act as a microscope / macro / micro lens, this is very useful and i shall be doing this myself.

At the same time i am swapping out for a new battery, as the old lithium poly installed was swollen badly.

This may already be on the forum somewhere however i have measuring the abslolute maximum internal space available, and listed details below for anyone who might find it useful, along with the suitable replacement battery part numbers.

Note: The depth could be increased by carefully sanding the inside of the bottom half of the clamshell case, using mild grit sandpaper fixed with double sided carpet tape to a small peice of flat rigid plastic / metal.

Internal Maximum Depth /- 3.56mm
Internal Maximum Width /- 29.72mm
Internal Maximum Length /- 38.01mm

Replacement battery part numbers:

362937 /- 3 Wire Type ~ 350mA
323036 /- OEM Fitted 3 Wire Tyoe ~ 290mA
303035 /- 3 Wire Type ~ 300mA

I am creating a guide on this with the above information and will upload to the forum if possible once completed.

Once again thanks for the help all.

A quick update.

Have kept looking online evry two weeks or so for the diode i require to fix the Sansa Clip+

Whilst i have found them from the main suppliers, Farnell, Digikey, RS Components, Mouser, ect; the delivery charges are extortionate, ranging from a minimum of £11.94 delivery + £0.31p per diode.

Ebay and Amazon, are also expensive £5.95 per diode.

Aliexpress has them listed cheaper, however; i don't trust that i would receive the correct value or type of diode, given some of the reviews and feedback i have seen and read, wouldn`t be an issue if i had a decent LCR meter, but i dont.

For the record the missing diode package type fitted is as identified by Vitt13 a SOD523 package type, also known i believe by the package type monikers 0603 /- SC79 /- 923 & 0402

Similar diode package sizes to the SOD523 size are SOD323 /- 0805 & SOD923 which can be used as an alternative.

Specifications required thanks to, and as mentioned in the posts by other forum members.

SOD523 /- SOD323 /- SOD923 Zener Diode Type ~ Power Rectifier
3.6V FV ~ Forward Voltage
500mW PD ~ Power Delivery

Chances are i will bite the bullet & buy a few despite the price, then as mentione in previous posts will sort out the battery replacement / upgrade guide as mentioned.


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