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Greetings, and thanks to anyone who can provide guidance.

A long time ago, i dropped my Sansa Clip+ annoyingly i had only ever dropped it this one time, and as fate would have it the unit landed on the power button and pushed it into the clamshell case.

I researched online and opened the MP3 player as recommended; on opening i remember noticing a tiny peice of what i thought was plastic fall to the ground, to be forever lost.

I repositioned the power button, however the player would not power up.

I have examined the internals of the replacement Clip+ i purchased, and additionally referred to the Rockbox forum here with photos on the Clip+ PCB as well as other sources.

Further inspection of the broken Sansa`s PCB board revealed that the component highlighted in the image attached, has been broken of when the power button was forced into the enclosure

From my own research and testing with a multimeter on the replacement player, this missing component appears to be a Diode, as it produces a forward voltage of 0.6V and a reverse voltage of OL or 0V on the meter, although perhaps i am wrong?

I have used a magnifying glass and very strong light to try and identify any markings, on the component it is possibly a 0102 SMD type or similar, I think i can just make out the number 1 then possibly 4.

If i am correct, research indicates this might be a 14N Type Diode.

Can anyone help i wonder, is this a diode? and if so what diode value or part number do i need to replace, i really don’t want to bin the unit just because of this issue.

Thanks for any help.

SMD diodes are black plastic rectangles with metal wires coming out of them. Nothing else looks like one. It's hard to tell in that picture due to the resolution but it does look like a diode. If you measure the pads you can figure out the size (maybe sod123?). Do you have any idea which way it was pointed?

Hello Saratoga,

Thanks for the reply.

Apologies for the low resolution image, I wanted to post a high quality JPG or PNG to get clear imaging, but i am limited to a 256kB file size.

I have a decent SLR camera, and an it will do handheld camera, not sure if i could get it to focus that close without a macro lens but i could give it a try, the only problem is i wouldn't be able to upload the image because of upload file size limitations.

I have measured the suspected diodes pads pitch length using my engineering verniers, with the assistance of my helping hands magnyfying glass.

Length on the pad comes to roughly 0.040 inch /- 1mm
For the width i  measured the identical looking still attached SMD component as shown in the image i attached on my initial first post.

Width of the component comes out at 0.020 inch /- 0.5mm

Incidentally the length and width measurement of the identical looking still attached SMD component is the same as the missing one.

I don't know the original polarity of the missing possible diode, only the polarity of the identical still attached one.

If with your help, i can figure out the value i will crack open the replacement i have and test, before soldering on as wouldn`t want to damage anything else on the PCB with a reverse polarity mistake, unless it would be helpful in problem solving to find this out now?

I am however now convinced that their are markings on the other identical looking non missing one, but cannot make them out or see the bar / stripe that normally, but not allways; runs across a diode.

If i had a reasonable microscope or even a better magnyfying glass i reckon i could read the code.

Thanks again for your time.

The code is G2


--- Quote from: Equilibrium on August 17, 2023, 02:44:16 PM ---If i had a reasonable microscope or even a better magnyfying glass i reckon i could read the code.
--- End quote ---
I use the lens extracted from laser head of old/broken DVD-RW drive with smartphone camera.

Here is someone's video


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