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Good evening , I first want to say thank you this forum has been a huge help . I have recently loaded RockBox onto a 5.5 gen that I flash modded . The idea behind this is I could load all my music on it including the flac music since native IPOD os will not allow it . So when I add music it is almost like the process times out . I get an error saying something cant be read or the IPOD ejects itself . So for science I tried to move music from a different computer onto the IPOD and I was unsuccessful then too . I have read the the flash mods can be iffy for RockBox so I had a greyscale 4th gen with the original hard drive in it and load RockBox and was successful moving music over. My next thought was to reload the 5.5 gen with RockBox  and am still having the same issues. I was wondering if there is any advice for this ? Should I try to purchase another flash mod for it ? Should I throw the towel in and turn it back to stock ? Thank you again

EDIT: I think I have it fixed . Total noob and cant figure out how to delete this.


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