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Hifi Walker H2 straight to rockbox on startup?


Absolutely loving the rockbox support on this thing, just curious if its possible to bypass the firmware selection screen on start up (choosing between RB, Tools and Hiby player with 10 sec countdown) yes I could just select rockbox after 2 seconds but Im a man with needs and I need rockbox right away. I used the Clip Zip for a long time and the only way you could get to the factory firmware was by holding the left selection button while powering on, is it possible to get the H2 to start up similarly?  ??? Also did I pick the correct board to post this in?

I think you have to install a native port, at least that is what I did today on mine. There is step by step instructions, but I got stuck at the point when you are supposed to connect in USB mode. You have to install the driver before the computer will recognize the player in USB mode.


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