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Longtime rockboxxer looking for an upgrade

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What's going on guys, I've used rockbox for what seems like 10 years now. It's just simple and responsive and the the amount of themes and customization just seems endless. I tried a lot of different ones and I loved most of them, but I eventually settled on the "Alien" theme for my SanDisk Clip Zip.

Spooky looking white and red eq bars with a little yellow ufo that scrolls the top which is the track length. This thing outlasted several relationships, thousands of runs and workout sessions and was always there for me. It was perfect and still somewhat still is. The main buttons are cracked and are held together with small pieces of gorilla tape that have drifted about. It pretty much stays in my car these days for fear that it will disintegrate. I bought this from a RadioShack brand new and then soon discovered it was one of the best mp3 players ever made and new ones go for nearly $200. I would gladly pay $200 for another one of these, I think I paid about $40/$50 for it. But I want an upgrade. Everytime I start browsing the newest mp3 players (or DAPs I guess) most people say the OS is slow, buggy or freezes. I never had these problems with my Clip Zip, I'm tired of seeing smartphones disguised as mp3 players, and I figured you guys could point me in the right direction. The ones that seem the most interesting are the HiFi walker, the small square HiDizs h80, the r3 saber pro and other small compact ones that I can't recall the names of. They all seem to have their pros and cons, but one thing I do know is none of the reviews show it with rockbox, which I absolutely love. What can you guys recommend for a music loser like me who just wants something small and simple? Thanks for any responses fellas 👍

TBH I think the day of the dedicated music player has been and gone given there are so many mobile phone media player apps which offer a mix of features which fits just about any mainstream or niche user requirements you can think of.  I mainly use the Smart Audiobook Player app on my phone now with VLC to hand for its more flexible playlist management.  That said I still pack my old Sansa Clip+ player in my work bag in case I get allocated a van to drive which does not have a radio with Bluetooth connectivity so have to rely on an aux cable or FM transmitter (don't want to leave my phone hooked up in the van unattended while on a drop).  I also prefer to use the Clip+ for when I go running but at my age I am now more of a brisk walker at best so phone and Bluetooth earphones are my weapon on choice for music and podcast listening for that.

I think the final iteration of the iPod Classic, 7th generation is hard to beat. There is such great availability of parts and upgrades that it should be possible to keep one running for a long time.

I think I have one of these but the controls stopped working. Are they pretty inexpensive to have repaired? I will dig it out and post a picture of it

Parts are easy to replace yourself, provided you watch some YouTube videos to learn the best opening technique. I have had logic board repairs done reasonably by an Ebay seller.


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