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How to flash .fw file to SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 over Android OTG?



Cant find this .apk but someone at my halfway house achieved the same effect using termux.

The filename itself of the app appears to be "AndroidaudioproductPlus.apk" and when its running the header on the app reads "AndroidProductTool_plus". None of these phrases bring up results. Not google, not github... i dont know.
this guy has done EXACTLY what I need to do. The problem is. I do not have the android app he is using, nor can i find it ANYWHERE on the face of the internet. I have all the other files he used which are various firmware/OS files for the Sandisk Sport Clip MP3 player.
The reason i need to do it over an android otg connection is im in a federal halfway house and nobody can do it using the windows method with PAD Actions Audio Produt Tool from AndroidMTK.
There are like 30 of us out here trying to just be able to use this piece of junk MP3 player that we paid $90 for (retailed for $15!!). It deactivates after 14 days without revalidation and transforms into a nice paperweight.

E.g.: this is what others did

I'm in a position where I need to do it with an android OTG connection. The guy in the video clearly did it but I don't know how. I'm flashing a generic Chinese firmware (US212a_demo.fw) which will then be able to "update" the official version 1.43 OS from SanDisk. I got the .fw from anothr rockbox thread which analyzed the upgrade.hex file from SanDisk.

Is there any way to maybe accomplish this through termux? I basically need an android based ADFU installer. Till then I'm stuck.


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